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    Harbin Zhongan Making Oil co., Ltd. is located in Harbin of Heilongjiang Province, China. The company is focusing on the processing of soybeans, the producing of edible soya oil and feeding soya meal. For many years, we have based on the business theory of honesty and high quality. We have decided to bring our organic soya expeller meal to the international AGENTS since 2017. Heilongjiang province is famous for its fertile soil home and abroad, the soybeans here is healthy and full. At present, the company is certificating 1300 hectares of organic planting base to make sure all of our raw materials come from this fertile soil. Before the producing of soya expeller meal, we would proceed a series of cleaning work including screening, de-iron, dedusting and such. The company has always taken the product quality as the life of enterprise. Strictly control varieties of indexes of the raw material to guarantee the quality and safety. The next step is sending the raw material into the extruder, the instant high temperature of the extruder achieves the effect of inactivating, urease removing and increasing the index of the soluble protein of raw material. Then sending the extruded raw materials into the screw press to separate the grease and soya cakes by physical squeeze. Because the technology we adopted is physical squeeze, it guarantees no any chemical additive, and also has no any harm to the nutrition of the soybeans. The content of protein of organic expeller meal is 46% - 48% (dry basis), and the KOH value is 83% - 85%. Squeezing the most natural soya expeller meal by the oldest technology, creating the most classical quality goods with the most classical method.





Harbin Zhongan Making Oil Co., Ltd.

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